Saturday, May 10, 2014

So proud to say It's official - New Disney Fine Art Series!

I am really happy to announce that I am now an officially licensed Disney Fine Artist! 

 Below are the first three! Some of you may remember that I did the Beauty And The Beast painting way back in November of last year which is when all of this began. 

 To Visit the Disney Fine Art site:

 "Tell Us A Story" 12 x 15 Oil on Linen
While at the Disney Festival Of The Masters last year, a Disney Artist named Stephen Fishwick walked by and noticed the Beauty and the Beast Painting. He asked me if I was a licensed Disney Artist? I said "no", and he said "You should be". He put me in touch with the right people and here we are!
I can't thank Stephen enough!! 

 "Time For Tea" 13 x 26 Oil on Linen

All of these are painted from life, from actual objects sitting in front of me. The items are also either actual size or close to actual size.

"Things From Wonderland" 22 x 26 Oil on Linen
Some of you may have noticed I have been slowing down on the blog posts recently. It was just that I was very busy working on the above projects. I will be posting process shots and various other topics really soon!!