Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Illegal Prints! Is Stealing Artwork!

Hey, I'm getting a little sick of this!
Once again there is a website selling prints of my work illegally.
The website has two of my images available.
Thankfully the reviews are that the prints are just awful.
What ever happened to a Robin Hood complex, can't they wait till I'm rich to steal from me!

"Pairs" 12 x 24 Oil On Linen. This one sold to a collector in December of 2012.

 "A Shoulder To Cry On" 10 x 20 Oil On Panel
This one sold out of the Ridgewood Art Institute also in 2012.

The interesting thing is that both paintings were included in the Salon International at the Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio. I believe the images were taken off of their website. The gallery takes photos of the paintings that come in for the show themselves and usually posts hi-res images on their website.

I called them on the phone. I of course got a very unhelpful employee but I was surprised that when I asked him how he felt about working for a company which was stealing images of paintings and making prints without permission, he replied "If we are doing that than I would not approve". The guy was clearly foreign, most likely from India, and he said the company was American and located in Georgia.  

 They seem to be registered: 
Canvas Champ
 Nishant Shah
10 Treyburn Ct.
Greer, South Carolina 29650
(864) 848-5680

Make sure you complain to Canvas Champ - There is also a website called Canvas Chimp, which seems to be legit.


  1. Not surprised, unfortunately. I have surfed art for many years and seen exciting things only to find out they are copies of old Masters' work. I even bought a painting while original in part, was influenced (red: copied) by an old Masters' work in the background. Both the artist and the ignorant buyer are cheated here. Crime will pop up wherever there are dollars to be made. ):

    1. From what I am reading these prints are awful - at least they are getting what they pay for. The unfortunate thing is that no one looks good when that happens.

  2. Forget that 'sincerest form of flattery' garbage- what schmucks those thieves are.

    1. I've always hated that phrase!! If your television set was stolen, and someone said, "Take it as a compliment, it was a really nice TV, you'd punch em in the head...

  3. Sorry to hear that you have been again targeted. I hope they removed your work.

    1. It takes a LOT of work to get them to take it down...not yet.