Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Tell Us A Story" Mickey And Minnie Process Shots

  I always start with a drawing of Burnt Umber and White. This time I filled int the black areas first. I draw free-hand with a paint brush, directly from life.

 Above is a shot of the set. The statues were on my grandmother's mantle for over thirty years.

 This is after the first layer of paint. I was happy with how far I got on this one and how fast. Not every painting goes so smoothly.

 I wanted a feeling that they were in a play, on stage, telling the audience a story.
A red curtain worked perfectly with that idea, and with the black of the characters.
I must say though that crushed velvet isn't the easiest type of drapery to paint.

The finished painting!
"Tell Us A Story"
Original - 12 x 15 Oil On Linen
Limited Edition of 195 - 14 x 18
Available through:

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