Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Minnies - (And An Older One I FIxed)

 Lemons And Cherries II
 Lemons And Cherries I

I always like to do two of a subject. Never the same painting but companions that go together.
I've painted maybe one lemon before, not many. I loved the little "noses" they had. They were so much fun to paint, I think there might be a lot more lemons in the near future.

The above two "Pear And Purple Grapes I And II" I have never seen grapes as purple as these were...
It is interesting to notice how bright the colors look in the painting, and how washed out they look in the set-up next to it. Maybe it's just in my head but I swear it is more vibrant in real life than it looks in the photo. The main reason I work from real life!
 "Apple And Plums"

This was an older painting that I was going to sand down because I thought the composition was to flat across. I decided to give myself one hour to fix it and see what happens. I repainted the background and added the shadows of the stems, which I thought gave it some life. I am really happy I didn't take the sandpaper to it!

All are 6 x 8 Oil on Panel

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