Friday, April 27, 2012

Orange Japanese Teapot & Grapes

When I first started painting, teapots were the first items I bought. Japanese Teapots are my favorite kind to paint. I probably have over a dozen at this point of all different shapes and sizes. I recently decided to go back to painting them. This is the first of what I plan to be several new teapot paintings.
10 x 20 Oil on Panel


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Solo Exhibition - Lyceum Hall Center For The Arts in NJ

LYCEUM HALL Center For The Arts
T h e  H e r m a n T . C o s t e l l o Center For The Arts

Clinton T. Hobart

Select Works

May 18th - June 12th, 2012
Please join us to experience Clinton Hobart’s recent paintings.
Opening and Reception - Friday, May 18th, 6pm - 10pm
432 High St.
Burlington, NJ 08016

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Artists Wanted in Times Square

I set up a profile on this Artist's Wanted website. They claim to be having a big show in NY and there is 10,000.00 in prize money available. I have no delusions about winning, I already know who will win. The winner will be someone in their late twenty's early thirties who started out in the fine art department of a NYC art school. After doing drugs for four straight years rather then painting or drawing, he, she, or it, sobered up just enough to get a job in retail or at one of the trendy clubs in the city. Having the desire to be an "Artist", but not the ability, they went out to buy a brand new camera, and a new found love of photography. While strolling around the city taking pictures of store windows, empty McDonald's cups, and peoples feet, they took the prize winning shot of barbed wire, and gave it some clever title relating to how "the man" keeps us all locked in.... I, on the other hand, spent all that time struggling at home in my studio, trying to learn how to draw and paint, and reading books, so how can I expect to compete with a brilliant photo of barbed wire.
The winner is based on how many people "collect" you so it is already more of a popularity contest rather then a competition....
Why might you wonder, am I entering? Prize money!!! People play the lotto all the time. I'd rather bet on myself...even if the odds are slim. And i'm posting it, just in case some of you out there are sick of the "barbed wire" as well.

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