Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hershey Bar - A Portrait Of A Famous Wrapper

"A Portrait Of A Famous Wrapper"

Aside from the title being a joke, there was another reson I decided to paint this. Trompe L'oil is becoming more and more popular and I was included in a Trompe L'oil show a few years back. I don't actually consider myself a Trompe L'oil painter, mostly because I am more concerned with the personality of the work than whether or not it is fooling anyone. I also wanted to see if I could paint something like this without photos or tracing, which is how many of these types of paintings are made. I had meant to have some of the candy bar in the wrapper initially but I ate it...... Oh well, just an empty wrapper then. I used only a ruler for some of the straight lines, everything else was freehand. 6 x 12 Oil on Masonite
It's up for auction!!!