Sunday, May 11, 2014

Disney Fine Art - "Things From Wonderland" - Processs Shots

I'm not sure is anyone noticed but I haven't been able to post as often over the last few months because my schedule was CRAZY! Good crazy of course! Well, I should be back posting on a regular basis. I thought I would start with some step by step posts on the recent Disney paintings.

I started this painting the last week of December. Normally a painting of this size and complexity should have taken about three months at eight to ten hours a day. I finished it by the end of January which meant twelve to sixteen hour days, seven days a week.

 This was about half-way through the drawing stage which took two full days to complete.


Below is a shot of the drawing with the set behind it. Some of the items I had, some I bought,  some I had to build just for this painting, and a few things I just made up...

"Things From Wonderland" 22 x 26 Oil on Linen

Giclée on Canvas 22 x 26
 Limited Edition of 195 available through
Disney Fine Art


  1. Beautiful Clinton. Is the reason it takes so long because of the multiple layers you build up with and a small brush? And what are those amazing steps made from, you must have had to make those too! This is amazing!

    1. Hi Coralie,
      They take a while for different reasons. Mostly because I make mistakes and have to sand things down a little and start over. Often, an object you physically see in my work was painted in a day or two, but it may have taken me four or five attempts before I was happy with it. I move things around, add things, change background colors, all sorts of things can happen. The background on this painting changed four times...That took a few days right there. I also added some objects as I went along.
      The staircase was built out of foamcore and resin. That took several days just to build.
      And thank you, glad you like the painting!!