Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Recent Figure Drawings

I have been so busy posting still-lifes and waves and other paintings that I have been slacking off on posting new drawings! I go figure drawing at least once a week, sometimes twice. Everything I like about my still life paintings I learned from figure drawing! I must admit though, out of everything I post, I am always a little hesitant to post figure drawings because I know two of my figure drawing instructors pop in and have a look here from time to time...Of course I would always welcome their input. Here are just a few out of the stacks I had to go through!

These are from the Thursday Night Drawing Session at Stuart Art Supply in Stuart, FL.

1 Minute Poses

5 min

5 Min Poses

10 Minutes

20 min

20 Minutes

Just in case anyone was wondering most of my gesture figure drawings are done on Borden And Riley Ledger Bond Paper, with Col-Erase Indigo Blue Pencil.
Sometimes I use other pencils as well but that one is my favorite.

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