Thursday, August 8, 2013

Figs!! ...and A Couple Of Cherries


 I love painting figs. I thing if you glance at this blog once in a while you already know that but I'll say it again anyway. They remind me of little galaxies or nebula. Each one is slightly different, with different shapes and colors - I never get tired of painting them.
I also picked up some cherries to go with them, but for the one above I went with all figs. They pretty much fell on the table like that and I liked it so much I left them that way.
6 x 8 Oil on Panel

I had a really long day yesterday. I had to drive down to Palm Beach to drop off a painting, then I went to a figure drawing session. After that I came home and started working on the Figs at the top. By the time I got done it was around midnight. I thought I had a bit of energy left so I started this one.
I finished it today. I call it finished even though it is a mostly unfinished study. I think I like it as much as some of my finished work!

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