Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bronze Scuppernog Muscadine Grapes And Cherries

When I first saw these grapes, I instantly loved the colors. I knew they wouldn't be easy to paint but I was pretty sure i knew the approach I would use to match the translucent skin color. A greenish brown always goes well with a deep red so I grabbed a few cherries to go with them. After I set up the still-life I popped one into my mouth. I didn't even think about it, I love grapes! There is no word to describe the feeling...UUGGGGCCCCKKKKK!! is about as close as I can get. They taste like perfumed soap! I'm not kidding. Immediately after making that noise, I said "Hey Jordan, try this... and she did! She made the same face by the way...Well, I still think they are pretty to look at! I did find out after I originally posted this that you are supposed to peal them before you eat them and it seems that they are pretty popular.

I would love to title this painting "Bronze Scuppernog Muscadine Grapes and Cherries"  but I can understand wanting to just call it "Grapes And Cherries" You can call it that if you want to!

One of the things that is unfortunate is that I really feel like I captured the translucent quality of the skin but it didn't really show up in the photo. I think the colors and the paint quality are much better in real life...

I also did a little 4 x 6 Minnie of them.

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