Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Variety Of Pears

I was really happy with the way the apples turned out against the dark background. Pears really aren't in season I am told, and so the market didn't have quite the selection they said they would have in a few months. I am planning on doing a few more like this, same size, 10 x 20, with a dark background.
Peaches, grapes, and oranges, and watermelon could be in the near future. I am also thinking mushrooms would look good against the dark background as well...I am also taking requests on these, but I will ask that you do not request an item unless you are considering bidding on it. 

When I took the photo of this set-up, the painting was finished, which means that the pears had been sitting out for over a week. Normally I take a picture of the set-up during the drawing stage that way the fruit looks the same in the photo as it does in the painting. As I look at this now, I almost wish I had started a second painting from the same pears. I like how they have turned different colors as they have rotted. Oh well, next time.

"A Variety Of Pears" 10 x 20 Oil on Panel


  1. Hi Clinton, love your work and thank you for the demo!

  2. My pleasure!! More demo pieces are coming soon.