Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How To Get More People To Visit Your Blog?

I was reading a blog post on how to get more people to visit your blog. It is kind of important to me since this is how I make my living. I had absolutely no idea how to do it, and after reading the article....I still don't.

Some of the things it said were:

Don't just talk about yourself  Well, I'm an "artist" so that one went out the window....what would he like me to post about, the weather....maybe a movie review? I just saw Prometheus...It's two hours I can't get back.

Post comments and take questions people might want answered  I tried that, I was talking to myself. I still think I'm talking to myself.

Be funny - Doing my best.

Use Trackbacks - Anyone remember Charlie Brown's teacher? Wah waaah, wah waaah waaah.

Be remarkable - He hasn't been to the mall

Invite other people to post on your blog - Anyone want to post on my blog?

Write alot of posts and keep them short - He's calling you stupid, and saying you have a short attention span. Ok, I'll give it a shot.

Write in the second person "you" not "me" - As a painter, that would just be wierd, but I could try the third person if anyone would like. "Clinton painted this yesterday, and posted this blog while having coffee" Oh yeah, that will work.

Link out to other sites but only ones that will help people  - This guy is kidding. Why don't I link my blog to the nearest Emergengy Room, or to diet sites. How about a link to making your kids smarter? I have never heard of something so selfish......If you want to help people you just do it. Helping people to increase traffic to your own blog....gimmie a break. I'll talk to my 38 followers and be happy at that. Hello 38 followers!

Hope you found this post informative and it helps you bring lots of new people to your Blog!!


  1. I'm with you! I also like "show how your (whatever) will solve a problem for the buyer" Ok, you have a big stain on you wall that you want cover? Cover it with a painting.
    Or "Post on other blogs where your potential collectors hang out" And where would that be? The only thing they have in common is that they buy art.
    Anyway, I enjoy your art and your blog. (and if you could send me to that really good diet site.....)

    1. So true!! I did a painting of a Hershey's wrapper a few years ago. It was just a joke because someone had asked me if I had ever done a portrait of a famous Rapper....
      Everyone said "Send it to the CEO Hershey's!, you'll be famous" I never got past the receptionist. Unless people are in your field and successful...the advice is often least we can laugh about it!
      ...and I lost 40lbs joke, with a system I came up with. No book or website for that yet though, I'm not desperate enough yet!

  2. Hi Clinton, I just got this post in the email and thought it was quite funny :)

    I'm learning to paint as well, and your updates are always a great inspiration to keep at it, work at improving those skills.

    If you need some other ideas for getting people on this blog, you may want to try youtube, namely some of those time lapse paintings. All you need is a decent webcam, the rest is free and easy.

    My user is calin4thewin on youtube, or you can just search Painting by Calin to see what I mean.

    Cheers from Romania,
    - Calin

    1. Thank you Calin,
      I'm glad you are looking! Learning to paint is a little bit of good advice and a whole lot of practice.

      I will look into the Youtube stuff.

      Thanks again,