Monday, October 15, 2012

Drawing On The Streets Of France.....

Prismacolor on Bristol 11 x 14

It's been a long time since I have done drawings like this. I used to really enjoy it! I was working on a series of paintings based on these drawings in 2005. I brought them into a gallery along with some still-lifes I was also working on at the time. If you read this blog at all you know which of the two series became more successful.

Pen & Ink with Watercolor 11 x 14

 I have been planning on going back to doing work that looks like this for a while now.....there is just never enough time!!!

Pencil Sketch 11 x 14

 Many of the paintings and drawing in the series were done from a combination of location sketches and drawings from life. I posted these four because all of them were quick studies I actually did on location in France.

Pen and Ink 8 x 10
All four of the above drawings were drawn from life.

The drawing above is 11 x 17 and done partially from life and partially from a photo.

It is in a town called Quimper, on the west coast of France.

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