Monday, December 9, 2013

Youtube Painting Video Demonstration by Joseph Lorusso

 I stumbled on this video on Youtube and thought I would share it. I first met Joseph Lorusso about ten maybe twelve years ago. I used to teach at Scottsdale Artist's School. As part of our salary we were able to take another instructors workshop for free. Most of the instructors were impressionists, and although I liked their work, I had little interest in becoming one myself. I knew Joe had done some Illustration work and did a drawing before putting down paint. I thought it might be fun to meet him and work with him for a week. It was a great class and he is a super nice guy. I still use a few colors on my palette that he has on his. And only a few years later we both were showing in the same gallery in Arizona before he moved over to Overland and I moved over to Scottsdale Fine Art. It is fun watching him paint! Hope you enjoy this - I did.

Here is a link to his website:

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