Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Painting For The Boston Red Sox Winning The World Series

Recently, I got a call from a friend who had purchased one of my smaller Baseball and Peanut Paintings. He asked if I could do one with a theme of the Boston Red Sox Winning the World Series.
Of course I said sure!

  I drew the banner in pencil and filled it in with white first, I just can't seem to find the pic of it. The whole thing was painted from life.


As a Yankee fan though, I must admit I am a bit disappointed in the fact that no Yankee fan has had this idea yet...Com on Yankee fans, you can't have a Boston painting by me out there without a Yankee painting by me out there too! And maybe Dodgers painting too...and a Mets. This could be interesting.

I am not one of those Yankee fans that hates the Red Sox. Having lived  Boston, I actually I root for the Red Sox as well...What good is a rivalry if the other team stinks!

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  1. Finding high quality Yankees art at local galleries is a much more difficult task than I ever expected.