Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yorkshire Wensleydale With Cranberries And Other New Minnies!

 "Yorkshire Wensleydale With Cranberries" 6 x 8 Oil On Panel

With Christmas so rapidly approaching I went to the market looking for something that would have Christmas colors in it, but could also be hanging all year round. As soon as I saw this cheese, I knew I wanted to paint it!

Scottsdale Fine Art in Arizona requested Pears, so the above two paintings are available through them! The paintings below are available at Berkley Gallery in Virginia.

 The cheese was fairly expensive so the more paintings that can be made from it, the better. Originally I had wanted to do it on a reflective surface, and I still plan to..but time and the Christmas rush just didn't allow for it.

The above "Hanging Grapes II" was a request from the Berkley Gallery because they sold the first one so fast!

Here is a story I probably shouldn't tell...Sometimes I get bored with painting painting I have already done. Scottsdale Fine Art had requested the pear painting pictured above and so when Berkley gallery also requested pears I thought, I really need to do something different.
I had purchased too many pears to begin with, so I ate one. I took a look at after a few bites, and thought it looked really interesting just like this - I loved the shapes the bites had made.
Since I am always looking for a story, I pointed all of the stems of the other pears as if they were looking at the one who had been eaten, like he had nothing on.
I decided to title it "What Happened To Stan?"...I think the gallery is going with "Pears"...I'm not sure they found my title as funny as I did.


  1. Your fruits have such personality, the Stan title fits well! Galleries have to be a serious business I guess. Happy Holidays to you Clinton!

  2. Thanks Judy, Happy Holidays to you too!