Wednesday, November 27, 2013

For Those Of You Stopping By For The First Time - Hello!

Well, I was on the CBS News last night and so I think a few new people might be visiting this blog...actually about a thousand new visitors in the last twelve hours. 

I treat this blog like I'm in my house, and the first thing I do when someone stops by is offer them a drink. OK, that won't really work here but let's just pretend I offered you a drink and then gave you the tour of the place.

As I'm sure you are aware, I paint pictures. Still-Life, Portraits, and Seascapes of Waves, mostly. I also draw and do a bit of Illustration when someone asks.


I'm not one of those uptight, easily offended, blue mohawk, high maintenance, types of "Artist" that "feel" everything or breathe through my eyelids. I'm just a regular guy who paints pictures, so feel free to send a message, add me as a friend on Facebook, or give me a call. Looking forward to hearing from you!

 Here are just a few samples of recent work...

 I'm almost finished with this commissioned painting. A friend who had purchased a Baseball painting of mine last year, wanted another one commemorating the Red Sox winning the World Series. When it is done I will make a separate Blog post for it...


  1. You spoke well in the interview, and I'm glad you are at least getting some recognition and solid exposure for this problem you are facing. Plus those knockoffs don't hold a candle to the real thing!

    1. Thanks Judy! I actually have one. The producer gave me one of the five they ordered. If you think it looks bad in the photos - it looks ten times worse in person...and there is glitter in the paint! I noticed the glitter on camera but they didn't use it...I thought it was pretty funny.

    2. So now you have a souvenir of a lousy time! Also now I see you are defending yourself against the ignorant naysayers- the ones who like to think it's easy to paint and ask money for it. Don't bother spending energy with those kinds of commentors, they like to talk, but are deaf and dumb to facts. They're all over, and no one would pick up a brush if we gave them a moment's notice!

    3. Thanks Judy! I find it interesting that so many people (who are often so nice in person), when they know they can't be identified, and no one can do anything to them, choose to be mean...I only got a few negative comments, nothing compared to a story on the President which followed...I sure hope he doesn't read the comments!