Sunday, July 21, 2013



I just spent a week back home in NJ. I had to cram a ton into one short week and I didn't even come close to doing everything I had wanted to. Right by my families house is an Asian supermarket. They have my favorite mushrooms to paint...some of you may have seen them here before. I had planned on making the painting in NJ but I just didn't have time, so I thought I would bring them back with me to Florida. I picked up two bags of the King Trumpet, A bag of the Oyster Mushrooms, and a few others and packed up a big foam cooler to keep them cold on the drive.

I figured I had enough mushrooms to do at least four or five paintings and Jordan (My girlfriend) loves painting them too so I was glad to have enough to go around. 

Mushrooms shrivel up and die pretty much overnight and there really isn't anyhing you can do about it except paint fast! To the right is how the above painting looked after three hours. I considered calling it finished so that I could call it "Alla Prima", but decided to add the darker shadows the next day.

The Minnie above is up for Auction! 6 x 8 Oil on Panel  

Above is the longer one I am working on which will get a separate blog post this week.

I drove 900 miles with a cooler full of mushrooms just to paint them. (I don't eat the slimy little things). Jordan and I laughed about how people who don't know us will wonder why we are both posting auctions of the same mushrooms, at the same time, on the same week. 
Her little mushroom painting as adorable!
Here is a link to her blog for a look at it:


  1. Nice mushrooms, by you and Jordan! Her style is somewhat like yours, do you both have similar backgrounds, or is it from painting together for years? I'm curious because I'm not sure what my 'style' is yet; I may actually have one but don't recognize it so far. I know that brush mileage will answer my question eventually!

  2. Hi Judy,
    I started painting still-lifes in 2005. Jordan started painting them regularly about a year ago. I think I can take some credit for showing her a thing or two along the way, but I am absolutely stunned and thrilled at how fast she has picked it up and how quickly she is finding her own voice. As for my "style" I dedicated an entire Blog post to it in October 2012 titled "A Rare Mix Of Influences".
    I agree with you, I think if you just paint as much as possible, a style finds you.