Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ledger Bond Paper Needs Some Help !

I have been using Borden and Riley No.32 Ledger Hammermill White paper since I was in Art School. It was the paper that we used in James McMullan's High Focus Drawing Class. After graduating I tried many, many, other papers and always came back to this one for figure drawing. Almost every other paper has a tooth to it. I never understood the attraction to a paper with a tooth to it for figure drawing. The Ledger Bond is smooth, lightweight, and it has 50 sheets per pad. I used to go through two to three pads per week!

While recently searching for paper online, I found the Ledger Bond was almost impossible to get. Jerry's Artarama doesn't carry it, neither does Blick. I had to have my friend who owns Stuart Art Supply in Florida special order it for me. But special orders aren't cheap, not nearly as cheap as if these stores carried the product. Bristol is an excellent paper, and smooth, but it is thicker than the ledger and the same price per pad only gets you 25 sheets.

I know a lot of you out there like the paper. I am asking that if you look for the paper, and can't find it, rather than just buying or ordering something else, give them a call and ask if they can get it.

Call Blick, 800-828-4548 or Jerry's 800-827-8478 or your favorite art supply store, and just ask if they have it. I was told by Blick that if they get enough calls they will carry it again. There is a Jerry's Artist Outlet that carries it, and an which also has it, but we want to call the big stores first because it is the stores that order large quantities in bulk that get the prices down. Right now it is selling for $12 a pad on the two mentioned stores, the bigger stores could have it for half that if they ordered a large amount.

One of the number one comments I get on my figure drawings is the line quality. Although I have always been attracted to smooth, flowing, beautiful lines, the Ledger Bond makes this even easier to accomplish.

The fellow on the phone at Blick told me that there was a note in the computer that the paper was "obsolete". That is both a shame and untrue! In my opinion, there is no other paper like it!
If you have never tried it, track some down, you just might like it. If the paper gets discontinued, you may never get the chance...

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