Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Long Tropical Still-Life 12 x 40 Finished

This is the hardest painting I make. Usually, they include seventeen or eighteen objects all of which will rot in only a few days. I wake up really early, go to the market, go back to the studio, and set it up and paint as fast as I can usually late into the evening...sometime early morning. When working on one of these I have already started painting at eight am and painted until two in the morning. That is a long day! - and why I paint one every five years lately.
This one is heading out to Scottsdale Fine Art in AZ!
It is a 12 x 40, Oil on Wood.


  1. Great Job! Have you ever considered using "doubles"? I know you can never crack a coconut the same way twice, but the other fruits you can slice very similarly? Just a thought.

    1. Thanks Jose,
      I know it sounds silly, but I think of the objects as portraits. It would be like starting a painting with one model, and then finishing the painting with a different model...and believe it or not, I know an artist who actually did that. Just not the way I like to paint...I'd rather create an insane amount of work for myself :)