Sunday, December 22, 2013

Two Commissions And Two Masks Off To The Galleries

"Pears In A Row" 10 x 20 Oil On Panel

I just finished this one for Scottsdale Fine Art's Annual Holiday Show
The gallery specifically asked for it so I considered it a commission even though it is available for sale.
Available through Scottsdale Fine Art -
(480) 990-3100

10 x 20 Oil On Panel

When a client asked for "plums, brie and figs" the first thing I thought was that none of those things are in season right now, except for the brie because as far as I know there is no "cheese season". The second thing that occurred to me is that those items would make a rather flat painting. This gave me three problems to solve. One, where to find figs. That one was easy, the grocery had them. OK, one down. The second, was not so easy. No one had one. I searched about a dozen different grocery stores, markets and specialty shops. nothing.
Finally, I mentioned it to my grandmother, who just happened to have some plums in the fridge from the summer! What are the odds! She said they were a little shriveled, I said, they won't be in the painting, ship em out! So she mailed me three month old plums.
Problem number two solved. To solve the last problem of the flat composition, I moved the objects in and out as much as possible and then sliced one of the plums for a variety of color. The client wanted a lavender background so I knew in advance that this painting would have a very harmonious color scheme. All of these things were on my mind when I delivered the painting but the client loved it, and that's all that matters!
"Reels" 28 x 32 Oil On Canvas
Berkley Gallery in Virgina has decided to hang "The Jester" And "Reels"!
For info:
Berkley Gallery
40 Main St, Warrenton, VA 20186
(540) 341-7367

"The Jester" 18 x 24 Oil On Panel

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