Sunday, October 20, 2013

Now Represented by The Berkley Gallery in Warrenton, VA

Just in case some of you may have been wondering where I am the last few weeks...I have been busy in a great way! I was invited into the Berkley Gallery in Warrenton, VA.

I decided to drop the paintings off rather then ship them. It is much safer. The town is really feels like Boston without the snow and ice...I passed through the town of Gettysburg, PA on the way out. I had never been there and just wanted to check it out...I had heard that there was a famous historical site there but I got lost looking for it...I had the wrong address.

Here are some shots of the street it is on. I can't wait to see this town around Christmas time. It's in Historic Warrenton, VA if anyone want's to Google it.

The gallery also represents a bunch of other great painters. Two of my favorites are Michael Godfrey whose trees in snow are just fantastic! And Victor Nizovtsov whose whimsical works are large, colorful, imaginative, and stunningly well painted. He painted the mermaid and the jester in the photo under the snow scene.


I went into the gallery with the intention of dropping off four Minnies and two larger paintings. I brought with all of the new paintings I had just so Tom, the owner, could pick what he wanted.
He took everything I had! Nine minnies, one wave and two 10 x 20,s. I took it as an amazing compliment! He actually said "try getting out of here with them"...He's also  a really nice guy and extremely professional...I felt the need to add that because I have worked with some gallery owners who...well... aren't either one.  Currently I am am working with a fantastic group of galleries!

Here are some shots of the paintings I dropped off at the gallery:

"Apples & Rainier Cherries" 6 x 8 Oil on Panel

"Eggshells" 6 x 8 Oil on Panel

"Pear and Black Grapes" 6 x 8 Oil on Panel
"Coconut & Limes XIV" 6 x 8 Oil on Panel

"Pals I" 6 x 8 Oil on Panel


A Variety Of Apples III 10 x 20 Oil On Panel

40 Main Street
Warrenton, VA 20186
  540) 341-7367


  1. Congratulations!! It sure looks like a great gallery, representing some wonderful artists!

  2. Congratulations! Warrenton is a wonderful town! Must feel great to have a gallery love your work so much!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!
      Yes, it's always encouraging when a gallery genuinely likes the work.
      I know of several gallery owners who take in painters because they know the work will sell well, but they don't really like it themselves.