Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Baby Eggplants

This is the first painting I am posting since redesigning the Blog....I decided that it needed to be brighter in color because I have been posting more text in my posts, even though I love the way paintings look against a black background.



I love painting these Baby Eggplants! They are actual size in the painting, and the painting is a 6 x 8. I try to paint them every time I see them because they are not easy to find. They are easier to find up north then they are down here in Florida.
There was a Farmers Market down here my girlfriend and I used to go to. It closed recently and I was dreading life without it. They suggested one that was not much farther away so we went to check it out. It is ten times better!!!...and they has these little guys.
Interestingly enough she decided to paint them as well so there are two different baby Eggplant paintings available out there right now!
If you want to see her version click:

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