Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pomegranate And Grapes 10 x 20 with a Process Photo

Each Holiday Season I try to put a few larger pieces up for auction on Ebay. Last year I think I put up three. I plan to put up three again this year. I am offering two frame choices on it as well, for the first time. Personally I like the grey one shown above, but since most people seem to like the gold frame I have listed that on in the Auction as well. Both of the frames are Larson Juhl imported mouldings.

Below is a process shot from the second day of painting. This type of piece usually takes around seven to ten days to paint depending on the drying time of the paint. I had to paint this one fast because the open Pomegranate will turn color quickly. When it is wet and humid, it takes me alot longer because each layer of paint must be dry for me to move onto the next area. I liked it just like this, I really would have preferred to call it done at this point, but I have to make a living......

"Pomegranate and Grapes" 10 x 20 Oil on Panel. 


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