Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Fallen Orchid" 6 x 8 Oil on Panel

Even though I'm going nuts trying to get ready for five back to back shows, sometimes the inexplicable can happen with a painting. In my yard is an orchid tree. My neighbor is always telling me to paint the orchids, and the tree. I keep telling him I'm allergic to flower paintings. In fact, I swore I'd never paint flowers unless I was either paid or had a darn good reason. So I was outside staring at the tree thinking about picking one to paint it. And as I stood there one fell off the tree and landed in a pile of dead leaves. (The psychology of the orchid in dream analysis crossed my mind here) I thought it was sad but beautiful, laying there white against the brown. And something about knowing it would be wilted by morning made me think this one needs to be painted. I picked it up, along with the leaves and painted this as quickly as I could. I realize it's not the best painting I have ever done, but sometimes the idea, or the story, can be more important to me.
It's titled "Fallen Orchid" 6x8 oil on panel."

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