Friday, February 13, 2015

Facebook Painting Challenge - Day 1

I was asked to post a few paintings each day for this Facebook thing that is going around. On one hand I am more busy than ever, but I figured how long can it take to post a few photos of paintings each day.

I actually decided to start it with some very old figure drawings some were made just after I graduated from school.

 Above left is a two minute gesture. I personally think that two minute gestures are the most important drawings that can be done. It's when I learn the most. Top right is a twenty minute pose. Both done from life.

Above is a Twenty minute pose on toned paper. Below is a drawing I did in 2000. Two models had shown up for the same class and rather than send one home both models posed. This was a three hour pose, one sitting. Of all of the drawings I have done in my life, this is one them that I am the most proud of.

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