Friday, August 15, 2014

All In A Days Work - Five Wave Paintings

One of the most important exercises a painter can do is to spend a day just practicing. It is so easy to get caught up in the details that we often forget to practice the start of a painting. One of my teachers uses to say one finished painting is worth a thousand starts. I decided to see how many wave paintings I could paint in one day.
I managed to get five done, all limited to an hour and a half.

I am posting them in the order in which they were painted. I think I got better as the day went on. Whenever I cut panels, there are always pieces left over. For some reason they always seem to be four inches wide. Of course I save them and they were beginning to stack up. This is a great way to use them!
 Below is number one. I started this at about 10:30am. 
It is the largest of the group - 

"Number One"4 x 11 Oil On Panel


Number two was started at twelve thirty. Between each painting I cleaned my palette and brushes and added fresh paint.

 "Number Two" 4 x 8 Oil On Panel


Below is number three. I started it about 3pm. I took a bit of a break had lunch, etc.
 Number three might be my favorite. I have wanted to paint this one for a while now. These quick studies will all become larger paintings. Number one I am already working on an 18 x 32 of.
"Number Three" 6 x 6 Oil On Panel

 Number four was probably the hardest of the bunch to paint. I almost didn't do this one. I thought it was too difficult to paint in an hour and a half.

 "Number Four" 4 x 8 Oil On Panel


Number Five was started at 6:30. I can't wait to make a large painting of this one. Some of the detail is hard to see in the small study. I added process shots of this one to show a timeline.
"Number Five" 4 x 10 Oil On Panel

15 min

30 min


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