Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Chorus Line Of Figs

I love painting Figs. Usually they are only in season during the summer and early fall.
I painted this one in September of last year but I have decided to make it available for purchase. The first fig painting I painted like this I sold in Australia during a workshop I was teaching in 2009. There are several different types of figs. The two dark colored figs are Brown Turkey, and Black Mission Figs. These are Black Mission Figs. Usually Black mission Figs are the standard blueish fig color. These looked like little solar systems to me and I immediately loved the colors of them.
I like the frame below but I can some people prefer gold or lighter frames so I have two options listed in the PayPal link.
The size is 6 x 12 oil on Panel. 

The frame is an imported Larson Juhl molding. Top of the line frame. It would cost about twice that at a frame shop.

Framed $750.00
Unframed $650.00


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