Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Salon International at The Greenhouse Galley in San Antonio, TX

These two paintings were accepted into the Salon International this year.
"All Sorts Of Apples" is 9 x 23 Oil on Panel
I painted this one to show that apples are different! I see so many apple paintings where it looks like someone took the same apple and painted it over and over again.
Apples are like people, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and variety. Why treat them all the same!

The below piece is a six hour study I did of my girlfriend.
It was a quick study, but one of my favorites. I was surprised it got into the show because it was so unfinished.

I don't enter many shows per year. Years ago I entered as many as I could thinking it would get me into galleries and increase sales. It didn't. In fact all it was doing was costing me hundreds of dollars per year without much in return.
After taking a few years off I decided to enter a few shows per year and to be very selective about which ones I enter.
I also look carefully at who the judge is. One of my favorite Artists, who judged a show a few years back, believes that no good painting goes to the edge of the canvas.
In a show, where he is the judge, I have pretty much no chance of getting a prize if I enter one of my still-life's which go to the edge, so I need to keep that in mind if I plan on entering. The above portrait is something I think he might like but unfortunately he isn't the judge this year....nice thinking on my part.

I' don't paint to prove I am better then someone else at it, and I couldn't care less what someone who is not buying my work thinks. I have read too many great reviews of bad paintings and bad reviews of good paintings. The NY Times magazine published an article years ago titled "Americas Bad Art" Page one was Norman Rockwell. The magazine should have come with a small pack of Tums.

I enter shows for publicity and prize money. Prize money to me is like finding cash on the ground. I don't have to part with a painting!!
Although it is certainly nice when people like and compliment my work, I don't get down or upset if I don't win a prize. Sales are what actually keep me painting. If I enter a show, and don't get a prize but the painting sells, which has happened several times, that is all the validation I need! I must admit I did get a "Judges Choice" at the Salon one year and it always feels good just to get into the show. Only about a third of the paintings that are entered actually get in.