Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Cracked Eggs IV" - In Process Eggshell Demo

It's Finished!! Took alot longer then was expected. Some commissions and an entry into a show I like to enter got into the way. I love this particular frame on the painting.
I have two people interested in this one, but If you like it, and want one - send me a message!
I throw out the eggshells after each painting and break new ones so that no two of these are ever the same!

Very close to being done now, in fact, it should be finished tomorrow...This is the eighth day of working on it but much of the last few days have been minor changes and then waiting for the painting to dry before adding another layer.

There is a sitting inbetween the below shot and the above because I forgot to shoot a photo....
sorry about that folks. All I did that day though was refine the eggs a bit. They look like they do in the pic above. Last night I added the reflections and that was all I had a chance to work on. I am working on an 18 x 24 painting for a show which has been eating up most of my time. Pics of that coming soon!

Because of the amount of commissions I had to do over the holidays, I had to put this one on hold for a few weeks......but i'm back to work on it now!

After I lay in the colors of the Quail Eggs, I quickly sketch in where the outlines of the reflections will be......

I decided to add the images from the top and go backwards. Whenever I paint something that is not going to rot, I do a drawing in paint first and then let it dry. The benefit is that if I make a mistake I can wipe it off and still have a dry drawing underneath. The first layer of paint is Raw Umber and White. I will add color on the second layer.

 Day one - I start with a drawing in burnt umber and white. These are all done from life and the eggshells in the painting are painted actual size. In case you were wondering, those are Quail Eggs.

 Above is a photo of the set-up. There is a frame available and included in the price. Photos of the frame will be posted soon!


This is definitely my most popular painting. I like to joke that one has never made it to the gallery wall. I decided to post this one with step by step photos and make it available for purchase immediately. I just started it today, and it will take me a week to finish, but I will post new photos as it moves along....

Because of the popularity of the painting I have added a link to buy at the bottom. If anyone is interested but just wants to put a hold on it until it is finished just send me an email. If you don't like the painting when it is finished you are not obligated to purchase it and I will refund any money paid up front.

"Cracked Eggs IV"
6 x 12 Oil On Panel

Cracked Egg Paintings are Available by Commission for $750.00 

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