Friday, May 27, 2011

July 15 - 17, 2011 - NJ Painting Workshop!!!

In this class we will cover every topic a student needs enjoy the painting process. We begin with canvas and brush selection, toning or not toning the canvas, and palette choices. Further topics covered are: How to set up the painting, composition, what to paint first, color coordination and harmony, background selection, drawing with paint, seeing the proper values, alla-prima vs glazing, the finer details, checking angles vs measuring, getting personality into your painting, the tricks of the trade, and the finishing touches.
Because every student in class is at a different point in their painting journey, the class is structured so that if one feels they are confident in a topic being discussed they can work on their painting until a topic they are interested in comes up. There are several demos throughout the class including: A drawing demo, Painting Alla-Prima, Glazing techniques and materials, and a short but thorough demo on color and how to use it. Personal instruction is given several times to each student throughout each day.

Although there are many things to go over in a short period of time, the goal of this class is to give the student the proper tools to make painting fun and interesting.

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