Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sorry, These Paintings Are Not For Sale!

Every once in a while when I do a painting, I want to keep it, and sometimes I do. I think it is ok, even healthy to say, "I like that painting", or even "I love that", about your own work. I do not think it's ok to say "it's good, bad, great, amazing", etc. But to say "I like it" or "I do not like it", that is fine with me. Saying your own work is good sounds a bit pompous to me. I never say one is bad, because just because it is not one of my favorites, doesn't mean someone else might not like it and buy it. This of course comes after the painting has met my standard of quality, which is different than "liking" it. If the painting fails to meet the level of quality I expect of myself, no one will ever see it. The below seven paintings are part of my own collection that are not for sale. I actually sold a few more I wish I had kept but at the time I couldn't afford to keep any. The Doritos painting at the bottom was originally for sale but after a while I got used to having it around and now I am happy to have it.

All of these are 6 x 8 - Oil on Panel

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