Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Tale As Old As Time" Process Photos and Video

I made a short video of the process photos but if it went too fast for anyone I have posted the images here...

I always start with a quick loose sketch

A shot of the set-up which wasn't in the video...
One of the most common questions I get on this is "Is it legal?"
I own the teapot so I did not copy Disney characters into a painting, I simply painted a still-life.
The Mrs. Potts Tea set is the only item in the painting that was actually made by Disney. Everything else came from somewhere else.

The finished drawing is actually my favorite stage of the painting.

The linen I used was too rough for a porcelain tea pot so I had to sand it down several times with 400 grit sandpaper to smooth it out.

In the photos I had started with a plastic rose. I decided to use a real rose instead and had to paint it out.

From start to finish tha painting took about two months to complete.

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