Monday, September 2, 2013

"Pear, Plum, And Cherries" - I love this color combination

While I was at the market, I noticed this pear which was far more golden in color than the other pears there. The plums, either by coincidence, or by having an employee with an extraordinary sense of color, were placed next to the pears. Actually I think grocery stores should put all of the fruits and vegetables together that look good together. Make everyone feel better about the experience.
Anyway, I knew instantly that cherries would make this even better and picked out the whole thing and started painting. 

The colors in this photo are off slightly, maybe a touch too yellow, Even though it is the same photo, the pic below makes it look more like it does in person. The good thing is, that I think this is another one of those paintings that looks better in person so whoever buys it will be pleasantly surprised.

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