Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Travel - Part 2 (Jensen Beach & Myrtle Beach)

After Maimi, I went back to where I was staying to rest for a night or two. The beach I walk on daily is called Jensen Beach. After visiting many of the Florida beaches on the East Coast, I realized how great Jensen Beach actually is. The only time it was really crowded was fourth of July last year. Never alot of traffic or people, and the water is usually warm enough to walk in.

The shot of the trees is from Bridge Rd on Jupiter Island. Some of the most interesting trees I have ever seen.

On the way back to NY I made several stops. One in Jacksonville to get my oil changed but I didn't feel the need to take any pictures of it.
I had lunch in Savannah, GA, one of my favorite cities, and moved on to Myrtle Beach.
Before you get to Myrtle Beach in NC is a town called Georgetown, which for some strange reason was booked solid. I stopped in about ten hotels between Georgetown and Myrtle Beach...all booked solid.
I took a road west to Conrad, SC and stayed at the Red Hill Motel, which rented rooms by the hour, and had just sprayed for bugs. They used enough spray that I could smell it, but not enough so that it would actually work. Next time I'll check priceline first.....
When I got into Myrtle Beach I found that there were plenty of rooms, at discounted rates if I had only driven a little further! Nah, why make life too easy.

Next stop - Virginia Beach

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