Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Green Apples

Every once in a while, after you finish a painting, a day or two goes by and you realize it could be better. My rule is: The more you don't want to make a change to a painting, the more important it is to make the change.
So I changed it.
I think for the better. The darker grey brings out the light of the apples I was talking about in the original post below. Although I do not recommend making changes while a painting is already up for auction, this just had to be done.

Another new mini, this is number 41 in the series. I love painting the light areas of green apples. It always seems like it should be easier than it is to match the colors. I see alot of paintings where green paint is just thrown down on the canvas. If you really study them though there are many shifts of color and slight variations of color in the apples.

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