Thursday, January 16, 2014

Been Busy, Getting Busier - Four Sales, A New Eggshell And A Large Wave Painting

I just realized that my last post was a "Happy New Year" and now it is the 16th, and two weeks have gone by like a blink!

I have three posts sitting there as drafts, no time to finish them. I am working on a 22 x 26 still life, it is fairly complicated and eating up most of my time. I can't post photos just yet, but I will soon, I hope, along with the story about why I can't post pics just yet.

In the meantime, Scottsdale Fine Art just sold a Curtain Call and four more Minnies!!!  They have two so I'm not sure which one they sold...It was one of these two:

And I am working on a new eggshell painting:

And a large Wave Painting!! This one is 18 x 36, the biggest wave I have attempted -

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