Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My 10 Minute Workout For When I Need To Work All Day

Hello Folks!

We all know there is more to life then just painting, although some days it's hard to prove.
I often find myself painting for twelve to fourteen hours a day which doesn't leave alot of time to stay in shape. I don't like being fat either so working out is just something that has to get done.
I had found that when I plan to workout for an hour, it always seems to turn into a three hour workout. I find myself checking emails watching a youtube video, etc...everything besides the darn workout. What I realized was that many days I was actually only working out for ten minutes so I figured why not just workout for ten straight minutes without stopping? How hard can that be? It's ten minutes!
I actually have a stopwatch so that I can time certain exercises and then not let the workout go beyond 10 minutes.

Because I get bored so easily, and I wanted the time to pass I decided to do a bunch of exercises all in a row, all really fast, and hold them for ten seconds or ten reps. Sometimes I do different things. What is important is to do as many as you can in ten minutes and then you are done. I have a book on Yoga poses, sometimes I do some of those. There are some exercises I change and some I do every day. For some that change I might Google "Yoga Poses". I have some books and do some things I remember from somewhere.

Some of the exercises I always include are:

 Push-ups and sit-ups! They are a must even if I only do ten of each. Sometimes I just hold the position on the right for ten seconds. It's great if you can't do a push-up yet.
If you need me to post a picture of a sit-up, you are already in a bit of trouble...

To the left is a pose I like to hold for 30 seconds...nah, I'm just screwing with you...I don't even think that is a real photo, no one can do that, well, at least I can't anyway.

What I do looks a bit like the photo below.
It's called "Crow Pose" When you get good at it they upgrade the name to "Crane Pose" - I have no idea why.
I can hold it for about ten seconds before I fall on my ass, which is a good day considering the other way you can fall doing this.

I try to do at least three stomach exercises.
Many people don't realize that if you get lower back pain it is often not a sign of a bad back, but rather a weak stomach.

I try to always include "lunges". They are really good for getting the blood flowing in the legs.

 To the left is a picture of a "lunge". I do them without the weights, and without the butterfly tattoo on my ankle, neither are really necessary to doing the exercise.

Speaking of unnecessary, I don't go to yoga classes either. I don't like sweating in a crowd and the last time I went to one, it was just an old white guy with a beard, wearing some sheets and a funny hat, telling stories about the week he spent in India...I thought, I can do this at home.

To the right is a standard "plank pose". It's kind of a repeat of the push-up pose but part of this is to help prevent getting bored so I like to add as many as I can

 If you need more ideas here is a link to Esther Ekhart's youtube site. Out of all that I have watched she is my favorite... She has many videos on youtube for all different workouts...

Happy Sweating!!

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