Thursday, July 31, 2014

Emma Stone Should Return As Mary Jane

I'm sure some of my regular readers saw this title and went "huh?", so let me quickly explain.

WARNING: If you have not seen "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and want to, stop reading right now and come back after you see it.

For those of you who are still reading: The character of Spider Man has two love interests. The first was Gwen Stacy who was introduced in the comic book in 1965, and then killed off in 1973 in issue #121. After that he dates Mary Jane, who he later marries. This is about when I stopped reading comic books. I heard rumors about clones, and the dead coming back to life, memory wipes, and all sorts of other crazy stuff but I just got busy with other things, like painting and drawing. If you are a fan of Spider-Man comics you were also not surprised when the character Gwen (Emma Stone) dies in the end of Spider Man 2. What I found surprising is how good the movie is, and how much of a loss Emma Stone would be to "The Amazing Spider-Man 3". After seeing it I thought, they shouldn't have killed her yet. You know she has to die, but just not yet. I thought "well, too late now, but they should just bring her back as Mary Jane." And just today I found out I wasn't the only one that thought occurred to . 

This article that claimed that there were rumors that Emma Stone would be returning as Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider Man 3.

(Right: A J. Scott Campbell drawing of Mary Jane)

You might be wondering why am I posting a Blog about this? For two reasons, One, I like the idea that a major studio might try something risky that has seldom if ever been done. Why not? The number one reason they gave for not doing it would be that people wouldn't understand it or it would be confusing. It's a comic book movie!?  Having Emma Stone return as a new character is confusing but having Mark Ruffalo turn into a giant green indestructible monster who increases his mass by at least double if not triple simply because he was exposed to one specific type of radiation - that isn't confusing? Anytime I hear something that the knee jerk response will be "no way!" I like to take a step back and say "why not?". If you are still not convinced, think of it this way. The character would have red hair, not blond so everyone can tell the difference. Let's be honest, if you took a good amount of comic book drawings of both characters, the hair color is often the only difference there as well.

The second reason I'm posting this is because I want to see how many hits this topic gets as opposed to the posts on art. Call it a Blog experiment. And for any of you here for the first time, have a look around, I'm actually a painter and a Disney Fine Artist, Follow the Blog, add me on Facebook, you know the routine...
And speaking of art and Spider Man, and to tie this all together: Todd McFarlane's  original artwork for Spider Man #1 is going up for auction. For those of you who are not familiar with it, this is not the Amazing Spider Man comic book that began in the 1960's. This was an issue from the 90's. In fact they printed so many, (the article states two million issues), that the issue itself is practically worthless. They claim this will go for around $200,000. I am actually thrilled to see this sell for that much money. In art we see things like balloon dogs, and fish in formaldehyde sell for millions, it's nice to see something like this also sell for high prices. Granted it's not at those levels but it's a start. The full article is listed here:

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  1. Your crazy! Emma can't play Mary Jane and Gwen!!!! Gwens death was one of the most important things to happen in comic history. To have one actress play both characters would kill the importance of her death!!