Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What Makes A Painting Pornography?

As far as I'm concerned, I've never painted anything that I consider pornographic. (Well, I've never released anything anyway.) And calling me a pornographer or saying I make porn is nothing more than an insult. Yet it happens a lot. But here is an interesting observation: When a model has big breasts, it gets called pornography, when she has small breasts, no one says s#$!t. In my print book at shows I have to tape off the two paintings on the left. The one with claws and the nude in the mask. I get where the claws might be considered Pin-Up, that was the goal. But I consider the Mask painting tasteful. And yet both have had to be covered with tape in my printbook at shows. The two on the right have been in my book for two years (no tape) and not one single person has ever complained...

 The two above are both of the same model from the same modeling session. She took both poses. No one has ever called the one on the left porn, but they have the one on the right. Makes no sense to me.

The painting to the left originally looked like the bottom pose. I got a ton of complaints on it and it too was called "porn". So I changed the costume to all black. Now no one calls it porn anymore but it really is the same pose. And I'll be honest, the pose could be considered pornographic even with the costume!
And here is a painting I did from life - There is no way I'd consider that porn...
And lastly, the one on the left has taken a lot of hits. So many I took it offline. I don't consider it porn at all. I painted it from life. It's one of the best heads I have painted. I'm really proud of it...Now the one on the right I think might be sexier than the one on the left, and no one says anything.

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